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Vol. 21. Issues 1-2

Proem: Jarret Keene

Features: Charles Bernstein, Wole Soyinka, Standard Schaefer, Liz Waldner, and John Yau

Poetry: Dan Beachy-Quick, Earl Coleman, Crystal Curry, Norman Finkelstein, Jennifer Firestone, Gordon Hadfield, Steve Healey, Brian Henry, Pierre Joris, Janet Kaplan, Jarret Keene, Sally Keith, R.F. Marsocci, Timothy David Orme, April Ossmann, John Poch, Susan Schultz, Mark Taksa, Nathaniel Tarn, Lisa Visendi, and Liz Waldner

Fiction: Jane Stuart

Book Reviews: Jacqueline Diaz, Megan Johnson, Joshua Kryah, Matt Shears, Nick LoLordo, Donald Revell, and Catherine Wagner

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