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Vol. 25, Issues 1-2

Poetry: John Ashberry, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Pam Brown, John Randolph Carter, Mary Crow, Jim Daniels, Norman Dubie, Eric Elshtain, John Gallaher, Richard Greenfield, Gordon Hadfield, Scott Hightower, Lizzie Hutton, Michael Kroesche, Joseph Lease, Lisa Markowitz, Tod Marshall, Michael McClane, Donna de la Perrière, WIlliam Stobb, Heater Winterer, and John Yau

Tranlations: Veronique Pittolo (trans. Cole Swenson), Arthur Rimbaud (trans. Donald Revell), Coral Bracho (trans. Forrest Gander), and Dome Bulfaro (trans. Christopher Arigo),

Special Feature: Susan Schultz

Fictions: Pablo Medina and Juan Martinez

Reviews: a.e. clark, Adam Strauss, and Nathan Hawke

Photography: Sam Davis

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